Prabal Gurung Shows Support For Plus-Sized Models In Paris

In a business that has long-focused on a thin figure, modeling has come a long way in terms of body acceptance. That isn’t to say it can’t make further strides, a concept Prabal Gurung voiced his support for in Paris last week.

His advocation for the inclusion of plus-sized models on the runway has been evident for some time. In particular, Gurung has praised Ashley Graham, who was previously featured in his Lane Bryant campaign.

“When we met at the shoot, I wish that everyone could have…it’s rare you meet someone like her. There are few people like that — who have this ability to look at a room, understand it, and really work it, but be true to yourself,” he stated in regards to Graham. “I find her fascinating. And it doesn’t hurt that her husband is hot.”

This season, Gurung cast Candice Huffine in his show as well. Though just two notable names, he also talked about the importance of giving more attention to plus-sized models within the industry, especially involving Lane Bryant.

“I thought it was important that we as designers saw this world — the majority of American women. And really spoke to them. Their essence and intelligence validates my existence, and I wanted to return that,” said Gurung.

Graham was actually incorporated into Michael Kors’ show as well, who Gurung pointed out as someone he has “admired for a long time.”

“I would like to see it more. I would like for it to happen especially in Paris. The reason why I’m telling you that Paris is important is not for the general public — it’s also for the fashion snobs. Those people own the power and influence. For them to shift, a Céline show needs to have [plus-sized models]. A Prada show needs to have it. Once that happens, we won’t be sitting down like this.”

The designer’s sentiments admirably speak to broadening fashion’s inclusivity towards models. Furthermore, advocating like this should only benefit the ascension of plus-sized women in fashion.

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