GOOP Fragrance edition 02, Shiso

“Working with natural fragrance is an incredible experience—not only because you get to make something beautiful, that’s free of the harmful chemicals you find in conventional perfume, but also because the ingredients are “real,” and harness the homeopathic and mystical properties that these plants and herbs carry in the natural world. For spring, I worked with Shiso, which has this great, spicy green quality to it. In combination with some of the other plant essences (palo santo and oak moss, to name a couple) it smells amazing, but also channels other powers, like joy, healing, and clairvoyance.”

Gwyneth Paltrow, founder and CEO, goop

edition 02, shiso is a scent composed entirely of rare, all-natural elements imbued with the power to entrance, heal, and transform. The olfactory fingerprint of each individual plant, where it was grown and how it grew gives this perfume its character, its mystery, and its beauty. It is pure, alive—the real thing.

goop founder and CEO Gwyneth Paltrow created edition 02, shiso in collaboration with perfumer Douglas Little, an expert in natural and organic fragrances. “Shiso leaf is unexpected and vastly overlooked as a perfume ingredient, and it is the star of this scent. It has a slightly spicy characteristic that’s green and earthy and delicate and peppery all at once,” says Little, who notes shiso has a complex simplicity similar to Ikebana, the art of Japanese floral composition. The shiso note is closely hinged on the other notes, creating a fragrance that begins simply and then slowly opens up.

edition 02, shiso, like all goop fragrances, combines active, healing essences with homeopathic, Ayurvedic, spiritual, mystical, and emotional benefits with a fully transparent ingredient list and no harmful toxins.


The word “fragrance” or “parfum” on any cosmetic label (scented or otherwise) functions as something of a Trojan horse: It can actually contain hundreds of (unlisted) ingredients because its contents are considered a trade secret. Companies are not required to disclose what’s “fragrance” on the ingredient labels of personal care products, so consumers don’t always know what they’re putting on their bodies.

goop Fragrance is composed entirely of natural elements that have been extracted from plants. Because of our commitment to clean beauty and transparency, we list every ingredient in our fragrance. We’re proud of our ingredients: They’re not only non-toxic and safe; they also have many healing properties.

When you create a fine fragrance using real, only-natural ingredients, it’s something so different—physically, spiritually, energetically—than what you get with a synthetic. The alchemy of an all-natural fine fragrance depends on your sensing the actual plants, the soil they grew in, the weather, the surroundings, just the way you sense terroir when you taste a great wine.


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