Glossier’s Series B Raises $24 Million, Look Towards Global Expansion


When a start-up brand raises significant funding, the first assumption is that they are primed for success. At least, that is the assumption considering how much investors are willing to devote towards being part of it’s potential rise.

This was the case for Glossier, who originally raised a $10.4 million series A in 2014 that would propel the business to what it has become today. Whether it be from the success they’ve seen since the brand’s launch or even higher expectations for it’s continued success in the future, their series B certainly speaks volumes.

Glossier’s new capital, totaling $24 million, was reported on a blog site this previous Wednesday by chief executive officer and founder, Emily Weiss.

“This cash infusion will help us see through our vision of Glossier becoming a truly global community,” she stated on Into the Gloss blog. “That means launching products in two new categories, opening permanent retail…and, yes, finally going international.”

These massive achievements spell even more expansion for Glossier’s beauty products. Originally, the brand launched with only four available products, though that number will rise considering the new funds available. That shouldn’t change Glossier’s image of creating products that hope to lower each customer’s daily makeup usage while also propelling their own products’ popularity with the same idea.

Glossier will look to do so by adding new makeup offerings of their own as well. If they garner a remotely similar reaction from their consumer base, frequently selling out stock of products where available, then the brand should further establish their plan of reaching a global scale.

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