Global Fragrance POV: Jennifer Powderly of Robertet

How is the mood of the Fragrance market heading into 2016 tax free?

The fragrance category for travel retail is growing, and the mood is exciting as our clients are taking action to capture their share of one of the biggest, most dynamic markets in the world.  An example of this trend is the highly successful luxury fragrance area launched at Heathrow T5 last year. 

After the strong showing this year do you feel any added pressure?

We are constantly monitoring and strategically tweaking our fragrance business on a global level to meet the best opportunities for both Robertet and our clients.  I would not say that we feel added pressure after a strong performance last year, but more of a reassurance that we are on the correct path for growth. 

What do you see that is the unique Robertet DNA?

Robertet’s unique DNA lies in our 160+ years of experience working with naturals directly at the source.  Our heritage and reputation for quality and excellence drives everything that we do.  And in today’s fine fragrance market where niche brands are leading the trends, we are well positioned meet the needs of all of our clients who seek the ingredients and the creative talent that we have to offer. 

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