Global Fragrance POV: Felix Mayr-Harting of Givaudan

How is the mood of the Fragrance market heading into 2016 tax free?

We see a lot of energy for change and growth. Strong launches, new collections, exciting acquisitions, all give a positive momentum to the fragrance market. 

What are the key challenges for you and by extension your clients, heading into Q4 2016?

We need to be extremely agile in order to adapt to the future and the opportunities we see developing.  As ever, our key challenge is to create outstanding fragrances for our clients brands.  These fragrances need to stand out through the quality of their design as well as the inspiring stories they can communicate to consumers. Unique high quality natural ingredients as well as performing exclusive synthetics are essential aspects to this.

After the strong showing this year do you feel any added pressure?

We are constantly striving to set new standards, so there is always our own expectation to excel and build on current performance.   We have a great team of people who collaborate and work together to achieve these goals. 

What do you see that is the unique Givaudan DNA?

At Givaudan there is a unique culture of passion, competitive excellence and innovation rooted in the heritage of our company.  Givaudan has a history of defining perfumery for 250 years and this inspires us for the future and  gives a unique DNA.  Our DNA guides the way we think, act and make decisions. It is what makes us different.  We articulate it as  being “inspiring”, “challenging”, and “acting with heart and soul”.

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