Global Fragrance POV: Armand de Villoutreys of Firmenich

How is the mood of the Fragrance market heading into 2016 tax free?

We are cautiously optimistic. There is a lot of newness coming into the market, and much of it is with very creative and interesting new fragrances. The smaller players have something unique to say and therefore the niche market is, goodness knows, booming.

Overall, this means that the consumer is being re-educated to appreciate higher quality fragrances with more qualitative ingredients, and we are being asked to push the envelope toward truly creative olfaction. All of this is making the “juice” the focal point of our clients’ offerings once again.


What are the key challenges for you -and by extension your clients, heading into Q4 2016?

We have to keep the momentum going for Holiday, 2016 – traditionally the most important season for fragrance. Our clients need to bring some of the “lapsed users” of fragrance back to the counter, and introducing consumers to new fragrances through gifting is one way of doing that. We plan to participate in programs – especially through the Fragrance Foundation – which educate both the consumers who are new to the category and those who are already our true “fragrance aficionados”.


After the strong showing this year do you feel any added pressure?

We want to offer our clients fragrances that will allow their brands to meet the consumer’s expectations.  Every project is the beginning of a new story, and our creative teams are in constant quest for innovative ideas. We are also thankful for our classics, and for the recent successes which are on their way to becoming new classics.


What do you see that is the unique Firmenich DNA?

Creativity and Innovation remain the heart of the Firmenich DNA:  this will not change, and we shall carry on providing our perfumers with the broadest and finest palette of the industry including naturals, synthetics and biotech.

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