Givaudan Invests In Sensorwake, The First Olfactive Alarm Clock

Waking up in the morning can be tricky for all of us. Breaking the habit of snoozing your alarm clock is essential, but there are days when the last thing you want to hear is a loud, urgent signal for you to roll out of bed.

With sponsorship from Givaudan, Sensorwake is hoping to alleviate that feeling with a new way to start the day. Both are hoping to change the entire experience itself by rethinking the alarm clock all together.

Sensorwake’s name brand product doesn’t use loud sounds or buzzing to wake you from a good night’s sleep. Rather, it offers a gentler alternative by diffusing the user’s favorite scents to awaken them.

The product has already seen tremendous accolades to date too. At CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, in both 2016 and 2017, Sensorwake won the Innovation Award for product design and engineering in consumer electronic products.

Givaudan and Sensorwake have collaborated for two years in order to create seven fragrances for users to enjoy. Chocolate, cut grass, hot croissant, buttered toast, seaside, fresh coffee and mint round out the current choices being offered.

“It’s great to support young talent and partner with start-ups that share the same commitment and vision towards innovation in fragrances,” stated Givaudan chief executive officer, Gilles Andrier. “We look forward to strengthening this collaboration and working together on new digital projects to enhance the daily lives of consumers across the world.”

That may come to fruition sooner than expected, as the two are already working on the production of their second olfactive sleep-related product, Oria. In contrast to Sensorwake’s use of scent for awakening, Oria wants to do the same with sleeping itself.

“Aiming to improve people’s quality of sleep, Oria is a smart, intuitive device that uses the power of scent to achieve a good night’s rest,” read a statement from Sensorwake.

With the help of Givaudan, as well as their decades of experience crafting exquisite fragrances, the possibilities seem limitless for Sensorwake’s innovative and award-winning products.

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