Gamine Parfums’ Heritage Standing Out From Competitors



Experience is an unequivocal trait when trying to differentiate yourself in a well-established market. Having decades of knowledge, being able to identify key cornerstones and utilize them in new and unique ways immediately sets a brand in position to be successful.

Melanie Dir, for example, came of age surrounded by fragrances and a father enamored with their creation. Master perfumer, Claude Dir, holds a career boasting four decades of experience in his craft as well as a Global Lifetime Achievement Award for Master Perfumer in recognition.


For Melanie, this transitioned her own profession into the fragrance industry following her graduation from New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology and over 20 years in product innovation. She focused on color cosmetics, toiletries, haircare and fragrances before founding her own brand, Gamine Parfums.

The New York-bred beauty house has an urban character fused with a french refinement. In collaboration, Claude Dir’s experience is melded with that of co-founder Frenel Morris. He is best known for helping to launch lifestyle magazines like Trace, Frank and Complex in addition to founding high-end custom hat line Still Life, resulting in a creative tenure in print publishing, branding/identity and photography spanning more than 20 years alone.

The collection looks to change the way in which someone chooses to wear scents, opting to give it a more creative and individualized feel for each user. Each fragrance is meant to describe an emotional state using a signature scent with three olfactive layerables.

The main eau de parfum has a superb ode that makes it wearable on its own. It consists of dense bricks of  Blue Hemp, penetrated with a composition of Cote D’Azur Cypress, Vetiver Root, Chocolat Noir and wild Indonesian Pathouli.

Cement Rose, with a base of Turkish Rose, is invaded with intense peaks of Spicy Cardamon and Pink Peppercorn while saturated with a melange of Blonde Suede, Honey Nectar and unrefined Black Ebony Wood.

Taba Choko carries a Sacred Indian Oud paired with an infusion of Persian Saffron, Sandelwood and Blackened Vanilla Absolute Smoked with aged Desert Mesquite Wood.

Oceanic Encre has a diffusive marine trail of sun-drenched Mediterranean Sea Moss, Salted Amber and St. Tropez Sand Honeysuckle, all sensually balanced with aquatic Neroli and Lait De Coco.

All four culminate into a collection exuding the passion and lineage that Gamine Parfums offers to the fragrance industry.

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