Fragrance Foundation President Elizabeth Musmanno Exiting the Organization

She may have joined the company during one of it’s darker times, but Elizabeth Musmanno will be leaving The Fragrance Foundation far removed from that stigma.

“When I joined, The Fragrance Foundation needed a lot of help. We had to turn it around — turn around the reputation, bring a renaissance to the events, turn it around financially,” stated Musmanno.

The five-year veteran will be making her departure from the brand this coming June. That time will correspond with the Fragrance Foundation Awards on June 14th as the company begins their search for a successor to Musmanno’s position.

“There’s no doubt that what she’ll always be known for is bringing back the class and high-quality image of the awards, which I think everybody appreciates now in a way that probably is unprecedented. What really worked well was Elizabeth putting together a team that complemented and really motivated the board to work together in a combined force to really turn the foundation around,” stated Fragrance Foundation chairman, Jerry Vittoria.

For Musmanno, she will pursue new ventures following her successful tenure with the brand. Safe to say, she’s taken pride in the achievements made during that time.

“What I’m most proud of is turning a business around, and taking a business that was in dire straights and bringing it back to life. It was a pulling a phoenix from the ashes play — growing the membership and changing the reputation and bringing a certain quality and chicness to the events,” Musmanno added.

Her chapter with Fragrance Foundation has come to a close, though the prospects remain high for the opportunities that await Elizabeth Musmanno.

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