Fisherman Accidentally Stumbles Upon Over $2 Million In Ambergris



Winning a life-changing fortune is usually a daydream associated with the lottery. Coming into so much new wealth in such a short time isn’t seen through many other routes, though there do exist other methods besides picking winning numbers.

For one Omani fisherman, he found another way without even trying.

“I was on his way back home when I smelt a horrible smell from a distance,” stated fisherman, Khalid Al Sinani.

While out on a routine day, Sinani tracked the smell towards a large mass floating in the water.

“I used ropes to gather it in and it weighed more than 60 kilograms, and my boat is only 20ft long,” he added.

The hardened chunk just happened to be ambergris, a by-product of the sperm whale’s digestive system. This substance takes years to be produced and is very rare.

Though whale vomit may not be viewed with any worth to many, it is actually a highly-coveted substance in the fragrance industry.

Dubbed “floating gold” by some, ambergris is sought out by elite perfumers for it’s use in musky scents as well as for it’s chemical properties that can extend a fragrance’s smell.

In this instance, the 60 kilos, roughly more than 130 pounds, is a massive haul worth millions. It is estimated that the entire amount could sell for over $2 million total, making Khalid Al Sinani’s exceptional find life-changing to say the least.

He has stated to local media that he plans to quit his fishing career in favor of a new life of luxury as a result.


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