Firmenich Nominates Two New Master Perfumers


Firmenich has established themselves as a large player in the fragrance industry. One such reason for that is their team of master perfumers, comprised of some of the most skilled and knowledgable individuals at their craft. On Monday, the brand looked to add two more names to that group.

At a ceremony in Geneva, Nathalie Lorson and Tony Reichert were nominated to the title of master perfumer, one Firmenich themselves have held in their company for nearly five decades.

“[It] recognizes the select few masters who have shaped world-renowned olfactive signatures, considered benchmarks of success and creativity in the industry,” Firmenich stated.

In terms of past achievements, both boast plenty to offer. Lorson, who is known primarily for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s Black Opium, has worked with many top fragrances brands like L’Oreal, Groupe Clarins, LVMH, Coty Inc. and more before joining Firmenich in 2000. Reichert has also been with the brand for some time now, working mainly on body and home-care scents that have attracted rave reviews.

Firmenich chief executive officer, Gilbert Ghostine, was quick to note both individuals’ past experience as well.

“Through their illustrious careers, they have pioneered some for the world’s most loved fragrances, which have become timeless references for consumers worldwide.”

Both Lorson and Reichart join a group of 12 other master perfumers, comprised of members like Johannes Feser, Didier Gaffet and Oliver Cresp as Firmenich continues to bolster their very talented staff.

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