Finding the Supermodel in You: The Insider’s Guide to Teen Modeling

The excitement, drama, and struggles in the life of a model can only be rivaled by the life of a teen; a supermodel’s entertaining, insightful book shares a wealth of insights, stories, stumbling blocks, and tips for aspiring models, young adults, and their parents!

 “I had the advantage of being born and raised in New York City and I’ve had an extraordinary career. This book is my way of giving back.” – Claudia Mason

“I can’t imagine any other top model better suited to guiding young models,” says Carole White, famed cofounder of Premier Model Management, in her foreword to this informative and entertaining guide.

In a time when any teen can blast his or her image across the world through so many social media channels, ideas about fame, beauty, and judgment are constantly on the minds of young people all over the world. Discovered at age thirteen, author Claudia Mason lived the journey to supermodel and shares her wealth of insights to help aspiring young models avoid the pitfalls of the modeling industry. This book helps teens navigate their way through the wilderness of modern teenage life, including how to:


  • Stay grounded in every circumstance.
  • Measure risk and have fun without falling off a cliff.
  • Know who you are and use what you learn to become confident as an adult.
  • Determine what path is right for you.


This book is also perfect for readers of all ages who wish to discover their inner supermodel. In often hilarious stories from her life and glamorous career, Mason shares invaluable lessons.

The transition to modeling as a profession can be confusing for teens and for their parents, so Mason lends her expertise to fill in the blanks about the inner workings of the industry. Modeling is a demanding career that puts pressure on a young person to perform well, look perfect, and win the job. Mason gives practical advice on achieving these things, and draws on her personal experiences to address roadblocks you may not expect.

Mason covers a range of relevant topics, from how she was discovered and “launched into outer space,” to how to deal with the “wolves” and the temptations that will abound. She discusses the importance of “managing all that money,” of building a brand that will last long after the short window for modeling closes, and provides readers with a “scoreboard” for measuring progress.

About the Author

Claudia Mason is a supermodel, actress, and producer. She has been featured on the covers of Vogue, Elle, and W, among others, and has appeared in fashion campaigns for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Versace. Mason has worked with photographers including Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber, and Mario Testino. She appeared in film, TV, and theater, producing and starring in a highly acclaimed LADCC-nominated production of Tennessee Williams’s Orpheus Descending. She currently has a TV series in development with Frogwater Media. Recently she was named a spokesperson for the American Stroke Association. She herself is a stroke survivor, having suffered a minor stoke from a freak accident. Mason has fully recovered but remains devoted to spreading the word about stroke prevention, early signs, and treatment. She lives in New York City.

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