The Ever Evolving State Of Fashion Week

Times change. As it rolls on, so does everything around it, a narrative that has been found evident once again in fashion.

Specifically, there has been a noticeable shift in how we look towards the runway. Going to a designers show isn’t preceded with the same expectations as that of the same presentation in years past. There are numerous factors in play, but there is one overarching reason that ties them all together.

Connectivity. Technology is among one of the best examples for how a product can evolve over time. It exists solely to further develop our lives and make them easier while, in some ways, also making it harder.

The runway shows of years past were an experience past just the collection being displayed or the models doing so; they held much more entertainment than that. Going to a show meant also seeing some of the most highly regarded celebrities on the planet, having a drawing power all it’s own.

That isn’t nearly the case today. The chances of seeing a recognizable face at top shows are still there. However, being there in-person isn’t nearly the necessity it once was, celebrities and average fashionistas alike.

You could just as easily watch a live video of the same show on Facebook or Instagram while saving the time and effort that it takes to get from point A to point B during a hectic week. This idea alone breaks so much of the exclusivity that enveloped the aura of going to shows in the past.

The individuals in attendance that are considered notable to many aren’t nearly the same either. Beauty bloggers and influencers, for one, have gained enough momentum through their followings online across the landscape of social media to have notoriety at a show. The reach of their voice and opinions following the event can’t be understated either.

The see-now-buy-now craze is somewhat to blame for this as well. Gone are the days of seasonal collections being shown only to a select few months before their arrival to the consumer market. The latter’s lack of patience and willingness to buy pieces as soon as possible just doesn’t accommodate it today.

At the end of the day, money is the determinant for much of fashion runs. If consumers demand immediacy, it’s difficult to blame fashion houses for moving with that current.

So, not only can someone view a show and the reviews from beauty bloggers that follow in almost real time. They can also act on their urge to purchase items from it within minutes of concluding.

It may be hard to judge effectiveness of this adaptation fairly considering the main-stay concepts surrounding shows from the past two decades that it seems to alter. Upon doing so, it’s just a natural part of time passing. Some may not love the way in which fashion shows are changing, but there may come a time in years to come where another shift makes many harken back to the state in which the presentation on the runway exists today.

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