Etsy Inc. Purchases Blackbird Technologies


In an effort to improve their overall quality and search relevance, online shopping site Etsy Inc. has purchased Silicon Valley-based Blackbird Technologies. Etsy officials, such as Chief Executive Officer Chad Dickerson, believe Blackbird’s proprietary algorithm for natural language processing, analytics and image recognition will strengthen their market as well as their seller services platform.

“Buyers come to for items they can’t find anywhere else and our goal is to help them discover exactly what they want among our 40 million unique listings,” stated Dickerson. “Leveraging Blackbird’s technologies, we believe we can enhance the buyer experience by making search quicker and easier and by surfacing even more relevant, tailored product recommendations.”

Blackbird is primarily known for their learning-based image recognition techniques for indexing and cataloguing photos. In terms of it’s application to Etsy, this will help to provide site users with faster and more intuitive search results by giving precise spelling corrections and predictive typing. By making their search engine more intelligent, it will allow consumers to find items they’re looking for among other items that may be of interest as well.

The purchase is well-timed, as the company has launched their first-ever global brand campaign “Difference Makes Us.” Both initiatives serve to help raise awareness for their site’s accessibility and the products they provide as an immediate shopping online shopping destination. With the saturation of online sites offering similar service, it’s essential for Etsy to have their name jump to the top of the list, especially given the fall of their stock price last year. Their stock price has risen 36 percent in recent months so the move to acquire Blackbird should help to continue this upward trend.

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