Elizabeth Arden and Britney Spears Introduce VIP Private Show

Take a front-row seat and experience Britney Spears like you’ve never seen her before with VIP Private Show Britney Spears, the latest fragrance from the global pop sensation and award- winning entertainer. With Private Show, Britney channeled her incredible stage presence and love of performing to reveal her most personal fragrance yet; now with VIP Private Show, the Princess of Pop invites fans to experience the sparkle, glamour and allure of an intimate performance with an unforgettable sexy new scent.

Take a seat, let the champagne flow and enjoy the excitement of a private performance with the legendary talent. Indulgent and endlessly glamorous, VIP Private Show channels Britney’s charisma and sparkle into a scent that perfectly captures her connection to her fans, global success and undeniably alluring appeal. With Britney’s extraordinary ability to entice a crowd, she creates an experience that always feels personal, no matter the venue or scene. VIP Private Show captures the intimacy and exclusivity of the star’s greatest performances and gives her fans a new reason to applaud.

“Private Show celebrates one of my biggest passions, dancing, and I’m so excited to take the fragrance to a more personal place with VIP Private Show!” said Britney. “It’s inspired by the personal, intimate feeling of putting on a show, where it’s just you and the audience.”


Taking inspiration from the thrill of being up-close and personal with the world-famous star, VIP Private Show is a seductive, fruity oriental that transports you to a place of magic and excitement. Delectable fruits combine with lush, fresh floral and velvety musks to create a scent as addictive as it is sexy. This irresistible combination uses fresh femininity and raw sex appeal to leave behind an extravagant, personal and everlasting impression, just like a VIP experience with Britney herself.

Addictive blood orange dances with succulent red apple and delicious mango nectar for a burst of lush sweetness at the top.

At the center, violet blossom flirts with a gorgeous bouquet of orange blossom and magnolia to create floral femininity.

The fragrance ends with applause thanks to a sensual blend of raspberry wood, golden amber and velvet musk.


Taking inspiration from dazzling spotlight and Britney’s favorite feminine pink, the bottle design glitters a brilliant, crystalline design. The sparkling golden gem cap adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, fitting for any VIP.

VIP Private Show Britney Spears is available now from $32-$52.

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