Dior’s Poison Girl Eau de Toilette Aimed At Millennial Audience


Dior Poison Girl Eau de Parfum released early last year to rave reviews. The brand is now continuing with revitalizations of the 1985 scent by launching Dior Poison Girl Eau de Toilette. Camille Rose has been named the face of both Poison Girl fragrances’ campaigns.

While the new fragrance shares similarities to it’s older counterpart, it’s marketing is entirely different. Dior is looking to really capture the attention of millennial consumers with the upcoming release.

“They are sisters, but it doesn’t develop the same way on the skin.…Poison Girl [Eau de Toilette] is edgier, it’s more provocative.…She’s fresh, connected and social,” stated North American president and chief executive officer, Renaud de Lesquen. “That’s why we decided to launch in a different way; to really target, recruit and talk to the Millennial.”

They’re doing so by paying extra attention, and money, towards online shopping and advertising. So much so that they allocated 60 percent of their advertising budget solely to the digital space.

“The Millennial is digital. We pushed the envelope quite drastically,” de Lesquen stated in reference to the fragrance’s heavy digital marketing. “Sauvage stepped into a digital-oriented strategy — [but digital was] for sure less than half [of media spend].”

Being available in three different sizes, Dior Poison Girl Eau de Toilette comes in 30-ml., 50-ml. and 100-ml sizes. They retail for $60, $78 and $100 respectively.

These quantities may not seem unusual, but their release is unique. Most brands wait roughly a year or longer before bringing 30-ml. sizes to market. In this case, Dior is doing so right from the beginning.

Dior hopes to attract a younger audience to the new fragrance based on it’s smaller size and, subsequently, lower price.

Along with macys.com, sephora.com and dior.com, Poison Girl Eau de Toilette will also be in stock at Macy’s Herald Square starting February 1st.

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