Dior Presents: Dior’s Iconic Red #999

 “Black and white could suffice. But why deprive ourselves of color?”

– Christian Dior

Christian Dior’s iconic red lipstick, named #9 for his lucky number, debuted in 1953 as the designer’s final touch to his newest collection of crimson couture gowns. Dressed to perfection, his muses took the runway, complete with a radiant red smile. The audience was energetic and found the lip color irresistible and red became a part of the Dior legend forever. The shade received immediate success, treasured and sought after by loyal clientele and starlets alike.

#9 would be followed by #99 the same year, and today #999 pays tribute to Mr. Dior’s founding red lipsticks. The evocative power of #999 remains as Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup and master colorist, plays with pigments and textures, creating revolutionary variations of Dior’s iconic red.

For the first time, Peter Philips launched a collection of liquid lipstick for the House. Dior Rouge Liquid, a collection of 29 innovative and provocative shades, includes a perfect #999 suited for every skin-tone and hour of the day.

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