The Visual Meets Binary: Designer Challenge

So focused on the advent of social media, the clicks; pooled resources of information, the internet; and in the dawn of globalization, it’s almost no wonder how little focus designers place on the written word. When Search Optimization dictates chance at success and therein most content or writing conforms to formulaic predisposition or deemed requirement to not only meet such standard, but win the game—it is with little surprise, the value of the written word depreciates.

However, paradoxically, written communication, a marked milestone in humanity and distinguishing characteristic of our humanity, while at present deviating from prestige, is not without value. Ever pressing into condensed form, social media and the age of our time reduce the verbose into choice, select verbiage and the byproduct of such limitation, consequently, proportionally highlights intrinsic value therein.

The expedited, quick firing of content to satisfy appetite of the hungering 24/7 digital machine means that designers are losing out. Losing out on the fundamentals. Design schools no longer seeking to administer philosophy of the renaissance artist, instead issue an encumbered, narrow-sighted form of expression. A relegated concentration to solely the visual dimension.

I recall attending a fashion show some years ago with my father. Upon the runway’s conclusion, in speaking with the designer, I heralded his collection as personally calibrated ‘demure.’ A bit struck, he thanked me. The novel appropriation of a word to encapsulate the success of his months of toil, exceeded that which what he had yet found—the verbal communication of his work in its entirety, a testament to his achieved total aesthetic—using only language.

Language. Words hold the power to move, construct reality, incite feeling, defy oppression, overcome adversity, spark controversy, and then most importantly, inspire collaboration, revolutionize convention and perpetuate our evolution. They endow us with history. They ascribe definition to the intangible—not only moments past, victims to time, but also all those experiences we cease to witness as individuals—in the now or page refresh.

Today, style and design may stand casualty to contemporary deficits and demand; however, for those designers who seek the timeless, words will help guide the retrospective. Future students. A vision requires more than the visual. To articulate vision, an artist, a designer must draw upon a compilation of senses and demonstrate eloquence in its formulation, in order to attain its proliferation.


Contributing Editor

Raised in publishing, the gift of early exposure to the Cosmetics & Fragrance Industry and Fine Art world centered in NYC, endowed a penchant for words and deep appreciation of the visually, aesthetically pleasing. Residing presently in Delray Beach, FL,, Meredith, the mother of one, too handsomely adorable, preschool-aged son, engages Real Estate Development, Construction and Interior Design as matter of personal passion. Endeavoring to build a business which offers consultation to all the above, Meredith graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2010 with a B.A. in international Relations and concentration in Global Interdependence,


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