Covergirl Taps First Ever Cover Boy



Many celebrities have been associated with the Covergirl name since it’s inception in 1961. The list of famous names is vast, featuring appearances from Zendaya, Katy Perry, Pink, Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, and so many more. What do all them have in common? They’re women.

That is why it is so massive to see Covergirl appoint James Charles as their very first “Coverboy” in history. The 17-year-old a high school senior from Bethlehem, N.Y. has used his skill as a self-taught makeup artist to do his friends’ makeup and gain notoriety through his YouTube and Instagram. Both serve as outlets for him to showcase his talent and show tutorials for interested followers.

How good is he? Besides his recent honor of gracing Covergirl, he’s been able to gain 600,000 followers on Instagram and 80,000 subscribers on YouTube in just over a year. Those are numbers that take away any chance of a coincidence for Charles.

However, what truly helped gain him the attention needed to make history revolves around his senior photos. Having already taken his picture, he requested to have them taken again after seeing that the highlighter on his cheekbones wasn’t to his liking. He then took to Twitter to post about the incident, which spread incredibly fast, but not before taking the second set of photos and bringing his own ring light to the shoot.

The reaction over the internet was something he never saw coming, with even singer Zendaya reposting and commenting on his Twitter post “You win.” For someone looking to get recognized among the throngs of established names in beauty on the internet, it was a golden ticket.

Congratulations are in order for James, though the precedent serves a much bigger cause as well. In our current time where gender boundaries have been questioned so heavily and ignorant people refuse to accept people of different lifestyles than their own, seeing the first boy ambassador of Covergirl is another victory for those who don’t want to follow traditional gender guidelines.

In reality, there isn’t any reason a boy can’t use makeup or represent a female-dominant brand other than the thought of how they will be judged by others. Things like bullying, ridicule and persecution are unfortunate elements of society that aren’t fair and push people to hide who they truly are, making monumental moments like this so important towards progress. The hope is that more people will make strides like this and continue the momentum for unique and talented individuals just like James to shine.

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