CEW Special Report April 2016

Poshly is a data analytics company that brings together beauty consumers and brands. Consumers come to Poshly to answer questions about their physical and lifestyle attributes, getting the chance to receive products based on the data they provide. Brands leverage Poshly’s user-level, time-stamped data for real-time consumer insights and targeted marketing campaigns. With over 18,000,000 insights collected from 400,000+ beauty enthusiasts, Poshly works with brands to provide consumer intelligence that’s real-time, on-demand and always-on.


Data for this study was conducted and analyzed in April 2016 from 512 US-based beauty consumers. Consumers provided open-ended responses to “What hair care trend are you most excited about right now?” Text was then ranked by number of mentions.

In addition, Poshly leverages its real-time, direct-access consumer intelligence platform at to review single-selection responses to queries related to hair care.

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Color (Balayage/Ombre)

With the most mentions in April 2016, balayage and ombre, two highlighting techniques that produce a gradient effect are still top of mind across consumers. The ombre look features hair color fading from dark to light, or vice versa instead of the color starting at the roots. Balayage is a more natural version of the ombre look with darker pieces being incorporated at the bottom of the hair.

In Their Words: “I’ve been loving the silver/grey hair dye look. Also been loving balayage for a more natural look, looks great for the summer.” — Amanda R. from Maywood, NJ

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Ombre and balayage have resulted in new hair dyeing techniques— such as the ’fluid hair painting technique’, a hand-painting application method of either conventional or wild hair colors. 39% of consumers are interested in trying the ‘fluid hair painting technique’. This percentage jumps to 49% among consumers who already have ombre/balayage hair; suggesting a strong interest in trying new techniques among those who get their hair dyed. (Graph Source:


Braids of all kinds are gaining popularity as the summer months draw close. Braids were the second most mentioned hair trend in April 2016 by open-ended responses. Fishtail braids, French braids and other creative variations of the classic are trending up amongst consumers. Part of the trend’s appeal is that braiding can be a quick and easy process, and with 29% of consumers preferring their braided look to be loose and a bit messy, consumers actually appreciate the effortless look.

43% of consumers say that they braid their hair as a way to save time when they are rushing. (Source:

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In Their Words: “I’I love the boho look…braids…long and loose and wavy hair…nothing too sleek” — Diana B. from Franklinville, NY


Restorative hair masks continue to remain top of mind for consumers who long for healthy and nourished hair. Frequency of usage is high, with 53% of consumers reporting that they use masks and 29% reporting that they haven’t yet but that they want to.Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.14.36 PM

Growing interest in hair masks is being driven, in part, by the popularity of coloring treatments that tend to be damaging to hair. 39% of consumers most desire a hair mask that repairs split ends, 27% are looking for intense hydration and 14% are hoping to find something that prevents their at-home color from fading. (Source:


As oils gain favor in the skin care category, they are also rising in popularity in hair care. Interest in hair oils comes as no surprise considering the over-arching industry trend for natural and organic solutions.

An overwhelming majority of consumers have had a positive experience using hair oil with 74% reporting that they saw a marked positive difference in hair appearance thanks to hair oil. (Source:

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In Their Words:

• “Coconut oil—it really takes a lot of the damage out of your hair after doing anything chemical to it.” — Poshly User from Columbia, SC

• “I’ve tried the hair masks but I’m gonna get some coconut oil to use.”— Poshly user from Houston, TX


Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has quickly become a staple product for many consumers. The quick fix for greasy roots is a much welcome time-saver for many women on the go. Consumers are highly aware of ever-evolving formulations and are excited to try new and improved versions.

In their words: “I love dry shampoos, they seem to be getting better formulations all the time!”—Emily B. from Bellingham, WA

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.18.33 PM

31% of consumers are very likely to consider dry shampoo as a styling aid for achieving hair volume and 40% are somewhat likely— an indication that many consumers perceive dry- shampoo as a multi-tasking product. (Source:

 Beachy Waves

Another hair trend that seems to be coming around this summer is beachy waves. Beachy waves are natural looking, loose, un-done and textured curls or waves. This trend is right in line with the reoccurring theme of no-fuss, quick and effortless hairstyles. Salt-spray— a product commonly used to achieve this look is also mentioned by consumers as something they are excited to try.

 Reverse Washing

While using conditioner before shampoo may sound peculiar to some, many consumers report of adopting this new hair washing routine. As a way to nourish and protect hair, 17% of consumers love this method and 38% are interested in trying it. Of those who have adopted this seemingly counterintuitive method, 29% say they use products specifically formulated for this method while 41% say they use any shampoo and conditioner.

 Hair Gloss/Glaze

Both hair glosses and hair glazes (a temporary, ammonia and peroxide free version of a gloss) are garnering interest. 31% of consumers are drawn to gloss and glaze products for their ability to make hair smooth and shiny. Conversely, 15% of consumers have noticed that this process makes hair greasy. Whether at home or in salon, there is a growing interest in this product category and potential for developing the perfect formula.

 Bobs and Lobs

Shorter cuts including lobs (long bobs) or medium length cuts are still popular among consumers. 46% of consumers report that they have received a bob haircut before while 79% of consumers report that they love the look of lobs on themselves and on others.


Big, voluminous hair is here to stay. 92% of consumers report wanting hair that looks thick, has body, volume and movement. Consumers are split almost evenly when it comes to wanting volume only at the roots and wanting volume from the roots through the ends.

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