Dana Avidan Cohn Named New Executive Styling Director At Popsugar

Popsugar has become a household name for women’s lifestyle content online. Fashion has specifically been cemented as one of the staple topics covered through the site, making it imperative to have plenty of expertise in their department.

Working to further reinforce their talent, Popsugar has announced the hiring of Dana Avidan Cohn as their newest executive styling director. She has had prior experience working for brands like Fendi, Christian Dior, Burberry and Jimmy Choo as well as serving as fashion director previously for Self and InStyle.

Lisa Sugar, founder, president and to whom Avidan Cohn will report to upon assuming the role, spoke to WWD regarding the acquisition.

“I’m [pleased] to welcome Dana to the team. Fashion was one of the first categories we launched at Popsugar in 2006, and over 10 years later we are still growing and creating content for anyone interested in trends, classics and relatable inspirational looks,” stated Sugar. “Dana brings her extensive editorial experience and long-standing industry relationships. I know her fashionable and original ideas will resonate with our audience of young women around the world.”

Avidan Cohn is expected to have a substantial role in the development and decision-making surrounding Popsugar’s fashion editorial content.

She also spoke in response to the announcement, describing the website’s viewership as “passionate” and that Popsugar a clear view of which stories resonate most with them.”

“I want to help designers and brands leverage this relationship to bring the most enriching experience to the Popsugar audience while benefitting their businesses,” she added.

The millions of views their content yields regularly can look forward to Dana Avidan Cohn’s new and experienced influence very soon.

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