Clinique Announces Global Campaign to Launch July 2016

Clinique has always been dramatically different. For decades, Clinique has developed transformational products, including the iconic 3-Step system of a cleanser, exfoliator, and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+TM, with the singular mission to inspire confidence in women. Each one of Clinique’s products is truly a difference maker, providing effective solutions, and creating a positive difference in their skin and appearance. Changing just one product in a skin care regimen can help make a difference in ones skin, which can lead to confidence. Inspiring confidence is at the heart of everything Clinique does and is the foundation for its new global campaign: Difference Maker.

The mission of the Difference Maker campaign is to inspire confidence in women and empower them to make a difference in the world, either in their community or in their personal life, through the storytelling of six incredible women from around the world: Gina Rodriguez, Erendira Ibarra, Victoria Pendleton, Jessica Nkosi, Nazan Eckes, and Ning Chang. Together with Clinique, these women, who are making a difference in their community, will share their personal message of change, helping to champion others to do the same. These women are inspirations in their own right and prove that one change really can make a difference.

“We were inspired to create the Difference Maker campaign because we wanted to show how one action, one person, or one product can make a difference,” said Jane Lauder, Global Brand President, Clinique, “By partnering with these six incredibly confident and inspirational women from around the world, we are celebrating the difference they are making, and the influence that they have on women around the globe. With this campaign, we aim to inspire confidence, and empower women to believe that they too, can make a difference.”

Each of the six women featured in the Difference Maker campaign, support charities that are part of The Clinique Difference Initiative, a philanthropic platform supporting education and healthcare for women. The initiative’s mission is to help women build the courage to be their best selves, turning life’s pivotal moments into personal victories. Clinique recognizes the positive impact that even one small change can have, making a dramatic difference in the world around us.

Whether it’s Clinique’s 3-Step Skin Care routine, the support of healthcare and education through The Clinique Difference Initiative or inspiring confidence through the Difference Maker campaign, Clinique is a firm believer that one change can make a difference. Shouldn’t you be too?

Meet the Women:

  • Gina Rodriguez, a US based award-winning actress, starring in the globally syndicated TV show Jane the Virgin. Her mission: to help others have the opportunity that she had and make education more readily available for all.
  • Erendira Ibarra, a Mexican philanthropist, businesswoman, and actress, featured in the Netflix original series Sense 8. Her mission: refining the word justice to mean love.
  • Victoria Pendleton, a former Olympian, European and Commonwealth champion from England. Her mission: to inspire young women to never limit themselves, and help provide them with more opportunity.
  • Jessica Nkosi, a South African model and actress, featured in the TV show, Isibaya. Her mission: to fight for future generations by providing care and support for children today, as they are the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Nazan Eckes, a TV host and author based in Germany. Her mission: to raise awareness of the importance of literacy development.
  • Ning Chang, a German born, Taiwanese, award-winning actress. Her mission: to inspire healthy lifestyle as a way to improve quality of life therefore inspiring happiness.For additional information, please contact Clinique Global Communications.

For more information, please visit Clinique at their website.


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