CBS To Debut Fall Show About The Death Of Print



The slow demise of print has been no secret to anyone, and  many publications have been forced to consolidate staff to focus more on a digital platform, a concept that CBS has seen fit to use for their upcoming Fall show “The Great Indoors.”

Starring Joel McHale as a reporter asked to mentor his magazine’s young digital team in the wake of their print version closing, the show bases on both the new era of digital media and the effect it has had on publications across the planet. The show also boasts Mike Gibbons as their executive producer, who has producing credits with multiple shows and co-created Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0.”

An important aspect of the show is undoubtably it’s depiction of the millennial generation, which is channeled through the young staff McHale’s character is tasked with watching over. In fact, the show seems to be more of a mockery of the generation itself than anything else, bringing up generalizations regarding PC attitude and over-sensitivity while teasing with work examples like one fictional clickbait post written by the team titled “Three ways to drink your own urine.” This is combined with the change in media and culture itself that has come from society’s emphasis on social media today.

“In my opinion, America has taken this digital age to the highest heights. America is leading the charge with self-absorption whether it’s with the popularity of the Kardashians… or with selfies,” stated Gibbons.

The show is almost guaranteed to bring mixed reactions from millennials who may see the generalizations with their demographic differently, though this doesn’t change the intrigue that it will garner regardless given it’s satire. The Great Indoors premieres on CBS on October 27th.

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