BYREDO Moves A Brush Stoke Forward With Robertet

Set for release May 15th, BYREDO Kabuki Perfumes, along with Robertet Perfumer Jerome Epinette, delivers a game-changer to the beauty industry and avid consumer. Available in three core BYREDO scent’s, Gypsy Water, Blanche and Bal d’Afrique, already acclaimed by industry insiders and popular following, BYREDO transforms the above with introduction of perfume powder and a reengineered mechanism prompting an exciting new means of application. Uncapping the sleek black, understated tubes, no longer will you find the conventional, presumed spritz mechanism, but rather, atop the perfume powder contained base, rests a delightfully, fine-haired brush.

The brush-topped, powder perfume dances choreographed ritual of perfumes typical application. In lieu of a quick spritz, the brush instead whisks and twirls across one’s neckline, leaping down to pirouette upon the inner wrist—transitioning between positions, the delightfully fine, perfume-infused powder traces each stroke of the luxuriously soft bristles. The scent dutifully gracing the skin, intimate seduction of the plush, tantalizing brush, commands the applause of a successfully, co-mingled performance.

The perfume powder’s lingering air, more subtle than their respective counterparts, suggests a reapplication, or two, during the course of an evening; however, easily concealed and slipped within a purse, also resolves the dilemma of traditional glass bottling for those of us whom appreciate transportability. In further solution to the traditional spritz, which wafts into the air all immediately around us, BYREDO offers additional remedy. BYREDO empowers consumers with discreet application, in often frequented, crowded spaces. BYREDO’s conception and development of reformatted perfume to powder form, in conjunction with their election of the brush to top, achieves a level of execution warranting not only warm reception but excited, standing ovation. “Bravo!”  


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