Bobbi Brown Eyeing New Projects Following Estée Lauder Departure


After leaving Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, her namesake brand, and Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., the makeup artist is looking for a new career direction. Some of that may be the short-term result of a non-compete clause following her departure. Nevertheless, Brown is moving on.

So where will she be taking her talent in the near future? According to her answers from a recent Q&A at Indie Beauty Expo’s Connect Indie event in Los Angeles, it may be decorating hotels. The artist is planning to help her husband renovate The George Inn near her home in Montclair, NJ.

“I travel so much, and I know what I like and what I like now is not what I liked 20 years ago. I like simple. I like calm. I’m not a Zen kind person, but I like space and I think about where you put clothes in a room. I like to solve problems. It will be a good place to test out lifestyle products.…There will be a pop-up store, so I get to curate some of my favorite things,” Brown stated in regards to the task.

That doesn’t mean she’ll be out of cosmetics forever, of course. Brown also noted that she’s “once again an indie beauty person” as well.

““I don’t know what products I’m going to come out with. I don’t know what categories I’m going to come out with yet, but I’m really excited about reinventing the way I see a line should be,” she added.

A big reason for both her departure and assurance of returning to beauty is the use of makeup around her throughout her life. She emphasized the use of makeup as ways to enhance beauty rather than cover it up, using contouring as an example.

“When I came to New York City in the late Eighties, it was the end of the Studio 54 era. You wonder about why I don’t like contour. Everything was contoured. It was just so artificial. It just wasn’t pretty,” said Brown. “I think it made models and celebrities look like weird versions of themselves. I happen to like the natural look.”

It is too early to know how exactly Brown will make her re-entrance into the beauty industry. If there is one certainty though, both from her statements and long list of experience, it is that she inevitably will.

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