Bluemercury Opening Manhattan Flagship With Plans For More

Sales for store locations across nearly all of retail have seen a steady decline. Prompted by pressure from online opposition, there are very few who find themselves exempt from that ideal today.

Of them, however, is the Bluemercury, who certainly fit that description. The beauty chain has grown and continues to do so with the announcement of their Manhattan flagship location to come.

Located in the base of the Hilton on Sixth Avenue, between 53rd and 54th street, the 2,600-foot space marks a huge step for Bluemercury.

“For me, Sixth Avenue is the new Fifth Avenue,” stated Bluemercury co-founder and chief operating officer, Barry Beck, to the Wall Street Journal regarding the new flagship.

Given the Hilton’s location as well as their tenants, Bluemercury’s new location provides ample opportunity for consumer interest. New York City’s dense population itself benefits this concept further, something Barry Beck is well aware of.

“It creates this moat of convenience around customers,” Beck added.

The flagship won’t be the only news for the brand in the near future either. They’ve also announced plans for two other New York locations as well, one located on the corner of First Avenue and East 57th Street, the other on the corner of Third Avenue and East 13th Street.

If that weren’t already big enough news, Bluemercury is also expecting to open 40 stores within the next year. The locations will all be placed nearby to one another, though no other details have been given.

The brand is proving immune to many of the woes plaguing the retail industry. Bluemercury’s plans could conceivably expand once again if their recent strides bring even more exponential growth to fruition.

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