Birkenstock Launching Natural Skin Care Line This Fall

When thinking of Birkenstock, the general consensus may jump to footwear. That may not change any time soon, though the brand is hoping to expand that perception.

Coming this fall, the Birkenstock Natural Care line will launch following extensive research by their cosmetics team.

Though far from their accustomed business, the line actually utilizes cork oak similar to that of their traditional shoe offerings.

Additionally, the line is adamant about being naturally-based. All the ingredients used in the 28 products follow this guideline. The result contains no synthetic scents, dyes, parabens, paraffins or silicone.

“While we were doing our research regarding a healthy product concept in the skin-care segment, we realized that scientists in the cosmetics industry had discovered the highly effective anti-aging effect of suberin, a remarkable substance which is contained in cork oak extract,” Birkenstock chief executive officer, Oliver Reicher, explained in an interview with WWD. “That’s how the whole project started. We then took our time in terms of developing the whole natural cosmetics range, with product quality coming first at all times with a team of experienced experts.”

It also features a men’s and, appropriately, foot care categories that each consist of three products. Birkenstock announced that the line will be available at both their retail locations as well as their online store.

“We want to see our products in an environment where there is a high cosmetic competence expressed by a knowledgeable cosmetics sales staff in store,” Reichert added.

Across those items, prices will range anywhere from roughly $17 to $74 upon Birkenstock Natural Care’s anticipated launch.

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