Billion Dollar Brows Eyeing Men’s Grooming Market



Eyebrow grooming isn’t nearly as prevalent among men compared to women. A lot of men don’t really want to bother with the constant up-keep of their facial hair past shaving their face on a regular basis. A lot of those who do just don’t know how to go about it. Whether plucking, shaving, snipping, cutting or what have you, the consequences of messing up can deter a lot of men from even trying.

Billion Dollar Brows aims to eliminate this problem, offering a grooming kit and instructions specifically meant for men’s eyebrows.

“Obviously, brows are a female-dominated industry, but we have men working with us and they struggle with the same problems that we do with unruly brows and brow shapes,” stated Billion Dollar Brows’ cofounder and chief executive officer, Natalie Plain. “Men want something simple to trim and groom their brows, and we’ve given them the most basic tool kit.”

Priced at $22, the kit includes tweezers and stainless-steel comb combo along with a straight edge scissors to give users all the tools they need to have trimmed, un-Trump-like brows on a regular basis. The initial interest stemmed from a similar brand, Dollar Shave Club, who released eyebrow grooming tips in an interview with Plain through their online publication. The resulting interest prompted Billion Dollar Brows to release their own Men’s Grooming Kit.

“The demand came from our distributors, retailers and customers themselves,” stated Plain. “They read the interview and came to us saying, ‘I want a men’s kit.'”

Men themselves aren’t the only ones wanting an eyebrow grooming kit of their own. Plain also noted that there should be a strong interest from women looking to purchase it for their significant other too.

“I think it will be a combination of women and men as purchasers. It could be wives or girlfriends buying for the male counterparts, but we have had men personally ask us for this type of kit,” said Plain.

Between both men and their partners, it’s clear that there is significant appeal in creating a kit for men’s eyebrow maintenance. That alone opens up a large market of customers who should be pretty excited to look their best with the simplest process.

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