Bella Hadid Announces Upcoming Chrome Hearts Collection


With all the attention Gigi Hadid has garnered, and warranted, this year, her younger sister Bella is currently working on a fashion collection of her own.

Yes, as confirmed through a post from her Instagram account, Bella Hadid is currently working with Chrome Hearts to create a collection of her own with the Los Angeles luxury brand.


Within no more than 12 hours of being posted, the picture had already raised over 300,000 likes from her devoted following.

While Chrome Hearts’ own account merely commented on the collection as “coming soon,” a separate page was created just for the collection itself as well. Since it’s inception,  the Chrome Hearts x Bella page has already gained more than 3,000 followers.

The social media star’s relationship with the Stark family’s daughter, Jesse Jo, along with her parents is said to be a big proponent in how the collaboration came to be. All three design for Chrome Hearts, with Hadid even referring to her friend’s mother, Laurie Lynn, as “my angel mother.”

It is becoming obvious that the collection will be welcomed by a huge following between Chrome Hearts and Bella Hadid. She will join the likes of the Rolling Stones and Kate Hudson on the list of the luxury brand’s star-studded collaboration history upon it’s release.

For the sake of everyone interested, we can only hope that time will come as soon as possible.

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