Beauty Products Becoming Popular At Fitness Locations


In a lot of ways, skincare and fitness really aren’t very different. While they both have differing necessities and requirements, both stand for the purpose of regularly maintaining someone’s health. The necessity for numerous consumers is a constant when trying to look their best on a daily basis with just as much attention to their figure as the quality of their skin. Finding a merger between the two from a retail standpoint seems like a no-brainer, though they’re seemingly divided.

Many have found ways to merge the two by promoting skincare products at popular workout spots like yoga studios, gyms, cycling and spinning classes. While this doesn’t stand as a platform for much variety, it does bring exposure to places where hungry, ideal customers would be while doing so on a constant basis.




Physique 57 is one fitness brand attempting to do so as they add beauty brands to their retail space which would primarily be used to showcase their apparel and exercise equipment. Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Billet believes that “consumers interested in wellness is looking at it holistically.” Making beauty products available for retail with other necessities for keeping fit would certainly cater to that kind of customer.

This sentiment was also echoed by CAP Beauty cofounder Cindy DiPrima, who stated “A yoga studio is a pretty good place to look if interested in naturals. It is probably a place that is prioritizing that and having products in those types of locations reiterates that beauty products can be part of a wellness routine and not just a beauty routine.”

Between beauty and fitness, having a mindset that encompasses both would definitely open the door for a bigger market in those kind of locations. If the general consensus of consumers can adjust to this type of thinking, it would turn fitness hotspots into a much larger retail opportunity as a whole.

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