Standards of Beauty Around the World

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Standards of Beauty Around the World

In contrast to a lot of western beauty practices, the French view beauty with a "less is more" mindset. Many women wear little or no cosmetic products on features that would typically, in western culture, be hidden or masked.

Standards of Beauty Around the World

The standard of beauty in India revolves around colorful garments as well as piercings and henna. Nose rings, saris and bindis are common and can be a sign of both femininity and marital status.

Standards of Beauty Around the World

Though similar to western culture, Brazil emphasizes a "guitar" shape in their image of beauty, specifically a small chest and large hips. This has changed somewhat in recent time, however, as beauty values from western culture have influenced the country to this point today.

Standards of Beauty Around the World

Pale skin has been a standard of beauty in Japan, along with many East-Asian countries, for centuries. The land of the rising sun also views those with straight hair and a Gyaru style, wearing outlandish clothes, makeup and skin coloring, as beautiful. Much like other countries, however, western values of beauty have also become somewhat standard in Japan.

Standards of Beauty Around the World

The African country of Mauritania finds full figured woman as the most beautiful. Some women go to great lengths in order to gain weight, even being sent to camps focused on doing so at an early age.

Standards of Beauty Around the World

Self-scarring of the skin is a common practice in Ethiopia, showing signs of sexual maturity and beauty. Ethiopian culture also views stretching of the lips and earlobes using clay discs as beautiful as well.

Standards of Beauty Around the World

For those who are unaware, Iran is the rhinoplasty capitol of the world. The multi-billion dollar industry is woven into the fabric of the country's concept of beauty to point where women will wear the bandages well past the recovery time following the procedure. For some women who can't afford the surgery, they don the bandages to make others believe they had.

Standards of Beauty Around the World
New Zealand

The Maori tribe of New Zealand is most well-known for they facial, and sometimes full-body, tattoos. This isn't a custom lost on women, though it is more reserved, covering the lips and chin. The practice, known as Ta-Moko, considers women with blue lips as the most beautiful.

Western culture tends to push the image of beauty into a universal picture, one we today know very well. In contrast, there is a vast number of cultures around the globe that view beauty from an entirely different perspective, turning the ideals we’ve come to view commonly upside down. Beauty gives an interesting look into the inner workings of different cultures and societies as a result, this being especially true when compared to our own.

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