Barbara Teaming With Annahide Saint André For 3-in-1 Capsule Collection


In less than a decade, french brand Barbara will be able to say that they’ve been exceptional at their craft for an entire century. That experience holds unmatchable expertise on it’s own as they’ve come far from mailing corsets to customers 70 years prior.

Barbara is expanding their range with their upcoming capsule collection with Anahide Saint André. Expected in March, it contains four items that are intended to be multifunctional between lingerie, swimwear and daywear. Each individual piece also consists powder-blue, Italian microfiber.

Clothing for multiple purposes is Anahide Saint André’s specialty. The brand is considerably younger in comparison to Barbara, being founded in 2012. Still, the match fits perfectly as multifunctional ready-to-wear has become their calling card.

The opportunity is a huge deal for brand. The capsule will bring Anahide Saint André to Barbara’s 600 domestic locations on top of the added reach their e-shop provides. Their reach also extends even further globally, with brand and sales activity in 45 other countries.

Again, the collection will be released sometime this coming March with the cost of each item ranging from $48 to $109 each.

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