Introducing The Nateeva Collection

The Nateeva Collection is an unique new fragrance concept developed by two passionate travelers and inspired entrepreneurs, Hope Freeman, a fragrance evaluator for an esteemed international fragrance house, and her life partner, Jay McSherry.  Together, they set out to fulfill their dream of recreating the feelings of their tropical adventures through fragrance, conjuring-up their favorite destinations whenever they wanted to be transported to those calming, beautiful places.

“Inspired and energized by our latest trip,” Hope shares, “we started brainstorming ideas to capture the mood and sensation of the exotic destinations we loved. It became a quest for us to capture these euphoric and fragrant places in fragrances that express the enthralling feeling of contentment and the extraordinary essence of each Island’s native flower. And so Nateeva came about. We wanted to invite others to virtually travel with us, to explore the different exotic fragrances, to begin their own unique experiential journey – and be transport- ed to each exotic location, voyaging scent-fully without leaving home.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sales will go to The Nateeva Fund dedicated to assisting the diligent efforts of hardworking animal shelters, humane societies and private citizens throughout the regions embodied by each fragrance. For Nateeva’s founders, “The Nateeva Fund is a true labor of love. It combines two causes near and dear to our hearts – a deep affection and caring for animals, and inspired devotion and loyalty to the exotic destinations we enjoy visiting.”

Each inspired by the native flowers of the Caribbean Islands, the first three fragrances in the Nateeva collection include:

Nateeva Jamaica – An ode to the Lingum Vitae Flower, laced with mandarin, frangipani, and coconut water.

Nateeva Bahamas – Captures the Yellow Elder Flower, blended with linden blossom, ginger and sandalwood.

Nateeva St. Martin – Brings to mind the Hibis- cus flower, tinged with vanilla, mimosa, and sheer musk.

Priced at $125.00 for 3.4 ounces and available in the U.S.A. though


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