Amazon Opens First NYC Bookstores

Amazon just keeps finding new and inventive ways to bring their service to customers. One of the most popular aspects of their retail is their fast delivery of books along with their digital e-book platform, Kindle.

It would seem that the retail heavyweight is taking their efforts one step further with the opening of an Amazon Books location in New York City. Being the sixth location across the country, the opening in Columbus Circle marks the first of such brought to Manhattan to date, though one of two planned in total for the future.

Combining the classic experience of a normal bookstore with the ease and convenience offered by Amazon, the location offers many things that separate it from that of the competition.

Carrying thousands of titles, the store offers a divided selection that makes finding what interests you much easier. Each section utilizes different genres like many competitors, but chooses the corresponding options based on different criteria. This stems from what is most popular across the company’s website, what is read quickest on their Kindle device and other relevant categories.

The titles also come with ratings from Amazon’s site as well. Not only is this Amazon’s rating itself, but also actual customer reviews offered to their site by those who have already purchased it themselves on top of a Star Rating to boot.

Most notably though, customers using Amazon Prime are set to find all kinds of special treatment right from walking in the door. While the option does exist for anyone to purchase a title at their checkout station, that is far from a necessary route.

Prime members are able to buy titles right from their Amazon app while in the store. Not only does this save time, but removes the need for carrying any payment method into their store at all. Just simply purchase it using your account, taking a picture of the book’s label, and either have it shipped right to your door or bring your phone right to the cashier.

In today’s economic climate, online services like Amazon have made the success of  traditional brick-and-mortar retail that much harder. With their own adaptation of a classic bookstore itself, it isn’t hard to see why.

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