Amazon To Open Book Store In Chicago 2017



Looking at the current market of publications, typical changes for different companies have revolved around going digital. Adapting to the consumer is key for any product’s success and this has resulted in large-scale changes to every aspect of how people buy and digest what they read on a daily basis. For someone like Amazon, who has established themselves on a digital platform initially, the strategy for expansion and adaptation is completely the opposite.

Coming some time in 2017, the digital marketplace giant will be bringing their own Amazon Bookstore to downtown Chicago. The plan is for a brick-and-mortar store to open at 3443 N. Southport Avenue and bring with it a number of Amazon Book’s near-two decades of selling experience. This comes on the heels of the online service opening such a store in Seattle this previous November 2015 with plans to expand to San Diego and Portland. In addition to being able to browse selections like any bookstore, customers will be able to find reviews together with each individual book from the site itself. The selection available in the store will also be based on customer reviews, number of pre-orders, reviews from Goodreads and the assessment of the curators. This assures that customers will be able to find today’s most popular selections while finding other top-rated items they may not have known of.




The store also stands as a useful place to display the Amazon-brand electronics. One of the hurdles standing in front of the success of things like the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablet has been a lack of opportunity for consumers to try them before purchase. While Amazon does offer satisfaction guarantees and stellar customer support for these products and others, it’s hard for some to take a leap of faith on them when they can try competing brands’ offerings in numerous stores nationwide.

The Amazon Bookstore changes this by acting as a place for many to have their first hand-on experience with Amazon’s Fire TV, Fire Tablet, their new smart-speaker Echo as well as the highly rated Kindle. When looking at products like the Echo especially, which is available for $179.99, this could help many consumers take the plunge by further understanding it’s capabilities before making an investment.

Given the success of Amazon Books as a whole, this could be an interesting move of adaptation for the digital marketplace as a whole. This isn’t a guarantee, but the gamble undoubtably can’t stop the popularity of arguably the most successful online service of it’s kind on the planet.

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