ADF Conference Program Set At ADF&PCD New York 2017 Features Speakers Announced

Features Speakers from Beiersdorf AG, Kao Europe Research Laboratories, L’Oréal USA, BAMA, Consumer Specialty Products Association, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, National Aerosol Association

ADF&PCD New York is proud to unveil the conference program for ADF, September 6 and 7, at The Altman Building & Metropolitan Pavilion in New York, it was announced by Christelle Anya, Show Director, ADF&PCD New York.

The program, which attracted standing-room-only crowds last year, is designed to educate and inspire attendees at the only aerosol and dispensing trade show in North America.

Speakers hail from brands such as Beiersdorf AG, Kao Europe Research Laboratories, L’Oréal USA, among others, as well as leading contributors, regulatory and industry associations including BAMA, Consumer Specialty Products Association, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, National Aerosol Association, and an array of aerosol and dispensing suppliers.

Hot topics include market trends; circular economy; technical advances and innovation including counterfeiting, digital printing, quality control, and more; eco-design and sustainability; and more.

Most of the sessions in the program are presented in the popular “TED” style, with several brief presentations under an umbrella topic. Complimentary admission is granted with a free show badge. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Aerosol & Dispensing Forum (ADF) Conference Schedule

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

10:00am – 12:20pm   Market trends in the US and Northern Europe highlights Chair: Gregory L Johnson, President of NAA & Director Legislative Affairs, The Sherwin-Williams Company.

What trends are currently impacting the aerosol and dispensing industry? How is the Trump administration affecting it? This session will cover that as well as European trends, consumer appeal, safety and branding.

10:00am:European Trends: Aerosols and Dispensing for Consumer Appeal Presented by Jo Jackson, Marketing & Innovation Manager Corporate Marketing & Innovation, Colep, UK

10:15am: Aerosols: Leadership, Safety and Branding Presented by Chair Gregory L Johnson, President of NAA & Director Legislative Affairs, The Sherwin-Williams Company

10:30am: The Trump Administration and Its Impact on the Aerosol Industry Presented by Steve Caldeira, CEO of the Consumer Specialty Products Association, USA

11:00am: A Safer Consumer Experience Presented by Joe Bowen, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Aeropres Corp, USA

11:20am: A New Day for Aerosols Presented by Dave Studeman, Principal, Connector Branding LLC, USA

12:05pm: Impinging Jet Micro Nozzles for High Flow Rates Presented by Anne Mechteld Mosman, Account Manager, Medspray, The Netherlands

1:45pm – 4:00pm     Aerosol Technology: Production, Technical Advances and Innovations

What’s next for aerosols? This session will discuss the future of aerosols, including digital printing, anti-counterfeiting, quality control, waterproof options, sealing and more.

2:15pm: What is an Aerosol? The Basics Presented by Nora Schiemann, MCD Deutschland GmbH & Co KG

2:30pm: Existing and Next Generaton Aerosol Innovation Presented by Jason Galley, Ball Aerocan

2:45pm: 2017: The Breakthrough Year of Digital Printing for Round Hollow Bodies Presented by Alexander Hinterkopf, Hinterkopf GmbH

3:00pm: Counterfeiting and How to Prevent It from a Packaging Perspective Presented by Eduardo Alegria, Sun Chemical

3:15pm: Innovations in Quality Control of Metal Cans and Bottles Presented by William Geller, Quality by Vision

3:30pm: Waterproof Aerosols Presented by Tom Hunter, Emerson


3:45pm: Aerosol Can Sealing Opportunity for a New Future Presented by Franck Flecheux, AERION Packaging & Conseil SPRL

The ADF&PCD Innovation Awards presentation will follow.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

10:00am – 11:45am Aerosol & Dispensing Technologies: State Of The Art

Chair: Bernhard Felten, Front End Innovation – Packaging, BEIERSDORF AG, Germany

This session will look at cutting technologies for healthcare aerosols, propellants, fluids, valves, can shape, and more.

10:00am: Introduction presented by Bernhard Felten

10:15am: Consumer Healthcare Aerosols: Better Living Through Aerosol Convenience (and Compliance) Presented by Eric Dann, Formulated Solutions

10:30am: New Propellants – Green Alkane Gases Presented by Sandra Esteves, South Wales University

10:45am: Viscous Fluids Presented by Evan Hartranft, Senior Research & Development Engineer, DLH Bowles

11:00am: Consumer Perceptions of Plastic Aerosols Presented by Murdoch Crawford, Plastipak

11:15am: Shape Control for Finished Aerosol Cans Presented by Ralf Freiberger, Mühlbauer Group

11:30am: THE DUAL® 2-in-1 Aerosol Presented by Christian Czech, CEO, Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol

11:45am: Creating Unexpected Value for Manufacturers and Consumers with Smart BOV Packaging Presented by Mathieu Hagedorn, Aptar

Noon: The Future of Aerosols and the UK Aerosol Market Presented by Amy Favley, Communication Manager, BAMA, UK

1:30pm – 3:30pm – Eco-Design and Sustainable Development: Challenges and Prospects

Chair: Peter Lamboy, Director Packaging Development, Kao Europe Research Laboratories, Germany

Sustainability is here to stay. Explore the circular economy that preserves and enhances natural capital, optimizes resource yields, and minimizes system risks by managing finite stocks and renewable flows. It works effectively at every scale.

1:30pm: Introduction presented by Peter Lamboy

2:15 pm: Circular Economy: An Introduction to the Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Program Presented by Ken Alston, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry

2:30 pm: Innovation and Design Presented by Philip Walsh, Kinneir Dufort

2:45 pm: Weight-Reduced Aerosol Cans Presented by Harry Brühlmeier, Caprosol

3:00 pm: Unique package design with unparalleled sustainability Presented by Gadi Harshai, Greenspense, CEO

3:15 pm: Recycling for Profit: The New Green Business Frontier Presented by Mitch Hedlund, Recycle Across America

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