First Look At 2018 Séduction Bottle Released By Lalique

Packaging design for fragrances give consumers their first glimpse into the decadence of the scent in front of them before they’ve even had a chance to experience it themselves. It is a preview of things to come, creating excitement for the product within it.

Thus is the case for Lalique, who have released the first look of their upcoming 2018 Séduction bottle. It serves as a beautifully-crafted, limited edition housing for their Lalique de Lalique fragrance with inspiration from the brand’s past.

“Lalique’s history is closely intertwined with perfume. [He] created the first perfume bottle ever in 1907 for his friend and perfumer François Coty and revolutionized the fragrance industry,” ” stated Lalique North America president and chief executive officer, Maz Zouhairi, to WWD.

He also pointed out Réne Lalique’s work and it’s influence on the current finished product.

“René Lalique showcased the power of the serpent’s seduction through many of his daring designs,” Zouhairi added, referencing inspiration that lead to creating the new bottle. “The Séduction bottle is a strikingly modern piece that pays tribute to these designs.”

Available at Neiman Marcus and Lalique locations, those interested should act fact to get one. Only 1,200 units are expected to be shipped in total, making the 2018 Séduction bottle worth as a collector’s piece as exciting as the Lalique de Lalique fragrance itself.

It is priced at $1,800 per bottle respectively.

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