Introducing PERFUMARIĒ ‘A Sensory Playground’


PERFUMARIĒ, at 155 Lafayette Street in Soho, New York City, is a multi-sensory playground for the curious and the connoisseurs. This vibrant gathering space by AvroKO, reowned masters of hospitality, and Mindy Yang is designed to quench your thirst for mystery and exploration through perfume flights, workshops, tastings (spice, tea & spirits), demos, popups, and exhibits for 360+fragances a year.

In addition to being a curated shop for beauty, decor, artisan gourmet products, and exotic botanicals, PERFUMARIĒ offers 32 nameless & brandless scents on tap each month for unbiased exploration and provocative conversations:

Guests select a Perfume Flight for a guided experience or explore at their own pace. PERFUMARIĒ welcomes each member with a complimentary fragrance of choice with their first visit. (Membership is free!)

These scents are available for purchase by the milliliter (against actual MSRP), making top-tier perfumes more affortable and collectible! Members discover the name and brand behind each tap at the end of each month on a designated unmask date, after which they can meet and learn about each mystery scent!

PERFUMARIĒ creates opportunities for consumers to meet new friends, discover rare finds, and support the brands they love… THIS is the future of retail!

PERFUMARIĒ is founded by esteemed sensory expert Mindy Yang, Partners AvroKO, Rhona Stokols, Darryl Do, with associated luminaries including Fragrance Foundation Arabia (MENA), Christophe Laudamiel, Perfumed Plume Awards, Avery Gilbert, The Society of Scents, The Perfumery Art School (UK) and Fragrantica.

For more information about PERFUMARIĒ, please visit their website.


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