Verescence’s Flagship Glass Plant in Mers-Les-Bains Continues Its Modernization and Unveils Its Biggest Furnace

Verescence, the global leader in glass bottle manufacturing for the perfumery and cosmetics industry, has unveiled yesterday its largest glass-melting furnace and presented the various improvements of its French flagship plant in Mers-les-Bains (Somme region).

Within the “Excellence 2018” plan and more specifically the “Mers 2018” plan dedicated to the plant in Mers-Les-Bains, a total budget of 30 million euros has been allocated to renovate the plant of which 11 million euros of investment for the reconstruction of the furnace.

Unveiled after a real technological move forward, with a reduction in 15% energy consumption and 40% of CO2 emissions, the new furnace also shows Verescence’s CSR strategic orientation to reduce its environmental impact.

The furnace is the group’s most significant one as well as one of the largest in the world within the glass industry with an output capacity of 700,000 bottles per day. This furnace is dedicated to bottles made with Xtra Flint glass, a glass of an outstanding quality and highly appreciated by the high-end perfumery players for its brightness and transparency.

The rebuilding of the glass-melting furnace was a good opportunity to renovate the entire manufacturing area through various improvements both in terms of work efficiency and working conditions. The whole modernization process was also designed with the aim to improve the plant’s amenities (social areas, offices…) some of which are still ongoing and offering more modern and comfortable work and rest areas for the employees.

Verescence is the only glassmaker to have been certified in all its European plants according to the Best Manufacturing Practices in the cosmetic industry with a strong will to meet its client’s highest requests and expectations.

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